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Art of glass - unique masterpieces by Skowronek Art

Welcome to my site.

My name is Iza Skowronek, I'm Polish. 

I was studying at PLSP in Bydgoszcz and Advertising and Art Academy in Gdansk. My art is handmade engraving, painting, handmade jewelry and more. On my website I'd like to show you my work, every one is a masterpiece, unique and one of a kind. 

The reason I'm creating is to show you my work, my love for art, beautiful things around me, and to express myself.

I'm using high-quality paints, glass, canvas, silver, and semiprecious stones.

If you want to order something that isn't on the English site, check the Polish one for details (price is individual for every product) and contact me on mail: izaskowronek@o2.pl for more information. 

The shipping price is different for every country.